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Welcome to Hunsley Acoustic Music, Midsummer Music Madness and Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer

Rubgy Tackling Teenage Cancer - Community Rail Day held on Saturday 20th May 2006    

After the success of the Santa Special (not surprisingly!) at Christmas, the Northern Rail Organisation held a Community Rail Day on Saturday 20th May. David was invited to attend to network with the travellers, give out goodie bags to children and promote “Madness” when given half a chance.

The Driffield Barber Shop Choir entertained the passengers and created a festive atmosphere, despite the decidedly inclement weather. When will it stop raining, this year? Where is the drought?

Because of the weather, numbers were fewer than hoped but those who travelled, thoroughly enjoyed the special experience.

Bridlington station was the venue for the main event. Stalls had been set up with a variety of wares to be sold to help raise money for a variety of charities. Our KC Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer was displayed prominently and plans are being considered for adopting the Teenage Cancer Trust for fund-raising.

Literally thousands of Busy Lizzies have been planted in tubs and baskets at the station. We can only imagine how beautiful it will look in a few weeks’ time.

How brilliant would it be to have a concert at the station??? If that is possible, John Sadler, the Marketing Manager is the man! Visit to read what is happening. Do we feel “Training for TCT” coming on?

Anyway please do enjoy Dave's photograpphs that give a flavour of the event.

Welcome to Bridlington Railway Station
Welcome to Bridlington Railway Station
Our bucket shakers
Shaking a bucket for TCT
The Driffield Barber Shop Choir
The RTTC banner and bucket
The now famous blue bucket and our RTTC banner
The Station Buffet
RTTC Banner
Our RTTC banner at its new home
Next time you are at Bridlington Station don't forget to point out our banner to your friends.
Our Banner at Bridlington Station

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