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The Otley Experience

THE OTLEY EXPERIENCE! - Saturday 25 February 2006 at The Half Moon


Dave Vermond
- Great singer/songwriter and guitarist.

Kevin Collier - Hilarious and witty poet (see excerpt below)

Loose Covers - Dave and Jude, on guitars and vocals - doing covers from Rod Stewart to Lindisfarne and well that was the idea. But after 10 years of standing at the back introducing other performers Will finally 'came out' with his banjo and joined Loose Covers!

Dave Vernon
Dave and Judy
Dave, Dave and Judy

Kevin Collier

A short except from 'Hamlet' by Kevin Collier...

Ham was soon so often pickled that the offers barely trickled
And he talked of moving back to find his cred;
But the Theatre's unforgiving, once you've left to make a living;
In artistic terms he might as well be dead

He who trod the boards at Stratford now played pantomime in Bradford;
Versatility's a blessing and a curse;
From Macbeth in hose and doublet to some childish rhyming couplet -
It might well be said he'd gone from Bard to Verse.

Find more about Kevin's poems

Kevein Collier the bard

Losse Covers plus Will

Loose Covers plus Will
Loose Covers plus Will