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Welcome to Hunsley Acoustic Music, Midsummer Music Madness and Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer

Banana Man & staff jump off Humber Bridge.

Brian Brooks, the landlord of the Cross Keys in Beverley, and two of his beautiful barmaids, Katherine (Kat) Sowden and Anna Robson were pleased to be part of the World record breaking abseil off the Humber Bridge on Friday 14th July.

The abseil was part of the celebrations to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the bridge’s opening.

Brian and his staff are supporters of the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT), the charity dedicated to helping teenagers fight cancer.  Customers of the pub have been very generous in their sponsorship of the event.

There is a huge amount of local interest in the Teenage Cancer Trust as a result of the Midsummer Music Madness concerts, organised by Brian’s friend, which have been held at Brantingham Park, the home of Hull Ionians.  See for the background to the charity events and information about the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Brian has earned the nickname “Banana man” as a result of his auction bid of £20 for a banana!

The auction was part of the latest Midsummer Music Madness concert which was held at Brantingham Park on 11th June.  This was so successful that the caterers ran out of food.  One of the organisers, Will Richardson, generously offered his supper, a banana, for auction. Hungry guests made increasing bids for the banana, which was finally won by Brian for £20!

Brian said that a friend, Terry the Tooth, who had been unable to attend, had told him to bid £20 for anything in the auction, on his behalf.  We hope that Terry enjoyed his very expensive banana.

Brian’s wife, Sharon, runs the adjoining Market Cross Hotel.  She thinks he is crazy but is delighted to be able to play a part in the Teenage Cancer Trust fund-raising.  She said that the Teenage Cancer Trust is a brilliant charity with over 90% of amounts raised, directly benefiting the unfortunate “end users”

The Teenage Cancer Trust sells T shirts at £5 and other “must-haves”.  Brian and his staff keep a small stock of items or would be happy to take names and addresses for orders and liaise with the local organisers David and Sheila Brazier.

David and Sheila have many ideas for promoting the charity.  They are planning a summer holiday photo competition for a person to be shot wearing a TCT Tshirt in the most unusual place/situation.  They would love to hear from local traders who would be willing to offer prizes for the best.

It will be hard to beat the top of the Humber Bridge but they are aware that young people have lots of imagination.  Good holiday snaps, with people doing crazy things could stand a good chance.

For further information contact Brian or the staff of the Cross Keys or E-mail David and Sheila at

Our team's spirit and bravery was recognised by the CO of the Royal Marines Commando.  He has expressed his personal desire to do something for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  He has offered to arrange an abseil from the Tyne Bridge.  He and his staff are based in the North East and are very familiar with the Bridge.  They believe that they can safely have in the region of 200 "jumpers".  With sponsorship of a few hundred pounds each, it is not rocket science to calculate that this will amount to a very significant sum for the TCT -more significant because a new unit is scheduled to open in Newcastle next year.

The problem - a very short window of opportunity confined to August.  After that, our friends will disperse to various other locations.

We hope that the Teenage Cancer Trust will be able to optimise this opportunity.  We know many people who would love to take the opportunity.

We were fortunate to have had the brilliant few days at the Humber Bridge celebrations.  We were able to use the delays to network with new friends.  We would especially like to thank the following:

CASE: - the organization for training young people.  Thank you for allowing us to share your marquee and allowing us to erect our Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer banners along each of the side of this, throughout the jubilee celebrations.  Thank you to the warm welcome given by your trainees, helpers and staff.  We look forward to joint initiatives in the future.

FORTRESS I.T.: - the very professional organization who have developed complex and successful I.T. systems.  We wish them the very best success now that they have moved to our area.  Their Website is and Matt and his colleagues are able and willing to discuss new business.

Thank you for the encouragement you gave our team and the fruit that sustained them.  It is good to have you on board with our passion for the TEENAGE CANCER TRUST.

HUMBER EVENTS LIMITED: a huge thank you for allowing us to  have our huge TEENAGE CANCER TRUST sign on the roof of your marquee.  This could be seen from the bridge, the air and probably the moon.  You are a great organization with warm caring staff.  Hope we meet again soon.

HPSS Limited: - the main event organisers.  We know how we feel organising Midsummer Music Madness.  We applaud your resilience when the four letter word (wind) caused horrendous delays.  Thank you for not compromising safety in the face of aggression and disappointment from so many nervous would - be jumpers.

ROYAL MARINES COMMANDO: - For their encouragement, professionalism and just being brilliant.

And the photos that tell the story


"Our team's spirit and bravery was recognised by the CO of the Royal Marines Commando."

( Click on the images to enlarge images below! )

3 Banana! Brian, Kat and Anna

Kat, Brian and Anna and 3 Bananas

(That's about 60 quids worth at MsMM 2006 prices!)


Long way up (or down)

The challenge


TheHumber Bridge Abseil Team 2006

Top to bottom - Our fantastic team that went all the way for TCT - David, Kat, Brian and Anna


TCT Banner gets top positioning

The beer tent with a banner - TCTs!

Photos by Sheila B! Not bad S!

Humber Bridge panarama by Iain

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